Should Your Minnesota Business Be Using Facebook Ads?

The good news is that everyone is on Facebook. Now you know where to find them. Facebook has even started randomly inserting ads in your news feed. Can Facebook ads be effective for your Minnesota business? Yes, they can. They can also help build “likes” to your page so you can easily talk to your customers and/or potential customers. By “liking” your page, a potential customer can take a “soft step” to see what your company is about.

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Facebook Is Completely Stuffed With Ads
Nicholas Carlson

When I go to these days, here is what happens.

I see one piece of content shared by a friend at the top of my News Feed.

Then I scroll down for more.

But instead of seeing more content, I am deluged with ads.

Here is what my screen looks like after scrolling past just one piece of content:

facebook ads take up the whole thing

As you can see, most of my screen is ads.

Two thoughts:

I get it.  Facebook has to make money, and the way the company has to figured out how to do that is by selling all this real estate to marketers. As a consumer, I know that’s what keeps my favorite family photo-album sharing service free. But with all the data Facebook has access to – my online browsing habits, my offline shopping history – can’t it something more clever? My thought: Facebook should find a way to get more video into the News Feed, and sell pre-rolls.