Are You Ready To Dive Into Video Marketing?

Many business are saying “no”, we’re not ready to dive into video marketing. Do you know if your competitors are using video marketing by showing videos on their website and posting them on YouTube? If they’re not, you have a great  opportunity to get some attention by being more visible online than they are.



If you step into an American home at 9 p.m., you’re likely to see at least one person engaging with video content, whether they’re watching a movie, TV show, online video, and whether they’re doing it from their PCs, television sets, tablets or smartphones. Video is taking over, presenting opportunities for marketers looking to gain a competitive edge. The age of video is here, proven by the substantial growth of viewing in the past year. More, people tune into visual clips on popular social sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. In 2013, Katherine, Emma and Ted are apt to make decisions based on video content.

Video is growing, growing, gone–

What’s the evidence that proves the dominance of video marketing? Why should marketers develop initiatives that include moving pictures? To start, the amount of videos on the internet, the number of YouTube channels and video marketing campaigns have all increased since the start of 2012.

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